Tuesday, January 24, 2012

1 year...Can it be?

So, I am late writing this but wanted to write it. This occurred the night before Luke's first birthday. Better late than never, right?
Last night, I held you tightly in my arms as we danced to "I Can Only Imagine" in the kitchen. Your laughter filling the room with each spin. Your smile anticipating the next big movement. As I can the words, tears began to flow. I was taken back to the day you decided to come. You were early. I knew the minute you were born things were not right. I should have known this was going to happen because I had several dreams that you were in NICU. I reflected on the words the doctor told us that first night. "If you had not been here at the hospital when you were, he would not be with us now". See, I would have been missing those laughs, smiles, and dances if God had not protected you. You are my little miracle!You have developed quite a personality these last few months. You make us all laugh often. You are still quiet but can say Da-Da, brother, ball, and bye. I am still waiting on Ma-Ma! Your quietness is made up for by your business! You are taking many steps at a time but you go sideways. This makes me laugh! You give the sweetest kisses and hugs. I love the dance you do in your crib when I walk in the room. Little Luke, you are a true gift to us all. I look forward to seeing what God has planned for your life. I know it is going to be something special! Love you, Lukers!
Happy birthday, Baby!

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