Tuesday, January 24, 2012

1 year...Can it be?

So, I am late writing this but wanted to write it. This occurred the night before Luke's first birthday. Better late than never, right?
Last night, I held you tightly in my arms as we danced to "I Can Only Imagine" in the kitchen. Your laughter filling the room with each spin. Your smile anticipating the next big movement. As I can the words, tears began to flow. I was taken back to the day you decided to come. You were early. I knew the minute you were born things were not right. I should have known this was going to happen because I had several dreams that you were in NICU. I reflected on the words the doctor told us that first night. "If you had not been here at the hospital when you were, he would not be with us now". See, I would have been missing those laughs, smiles, and dances if God had not protected you. You are my little miracle!You have developed quite a personality these last few months. You make us all laugh often. You are still quiet but can say Da-Da, brother, ball, and bye. I am still waiting on Ma-Ma! Your quietness is made up for by your business! You are taking many steps at a time but you go sideways. This makes me laugh! You give the sweetest kisses and hugs. I love the dance you do in your crib when I walk in the room. Little Luke, you are a true gift to us all. I look forward to seeing what God has planned for your life. I know it is going to be something special! Love you, Lukers!
Happy birthday, Baby!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wow am I behind!

I just realized I never posted about Christmas in our household. So here we go. We had a great Christmas this year. We ended up doing our celebration with my family on Friday night because my brother and his oldest son was going to the Titans game Christmas Eve. Since my parents were in the middle of a move, we had our get together at Phillip and Brandy's house. The kids had a great time. I was so excited to get this:

Here are pictures from the family get together.

Brad and Todd ended up getting tickets to the Titans game as well. So they enjoyed that for Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning was a little rushed since we went to church. They kids got up and enjoyed Santa's gifts. Todd knew the secret this year so he had been an elf for the other too kids. He realized it is not as fun as you would think. :) Todd's main gift was a 3Ds. Jackson got lawn equipment and Luke got toys that make noise.

After church, we did our gifts to the kids. It was a lot of fun.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Surrel #2

So, I will update you on the situation. Evidently, there is a nasty divorce taking place between these two people. He did take the baby and was awarded temporary custody that next day. As far as I know, he will not be charged with anything. He felt like it was a desperate situation and there was some concern in the eyes of the court. DHS was involved. As far as we know, they have joint custody now until next week some time when it will go to court again. He was instructed by his attorney to stay off of Facebook. Everything that has been posted was her side. Evidently, she has been told to be careful now, too. Please pray for this situation. I do not know any more details but my heart hurts for all of them, especially that sweet little girl! I will keep you updated. It has been crazy!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I have had one of those moments in life that my mind cannot fathom. Tonight, as I was turning off the computer, I decided to check Facebook one more time to see if I had gotten some addresses I was needing. The first post was from a woman that had gone to our church a few years ago. She and her husband had moved back to Freed to work for the university. They have a 4 year old little girl. This is the post I read:
Kyle has kidnapped Bella!!!! Please!!!! If anyone has any information PLEASE call the police or me at 615_483_6220....please help! Please!!!!!!! Look for them. He has.my BABY!!!! Please help!
The husband has kidnapped the baby. I was floored. I am still in shock and it was over 2 hours ago that it was posted! Please, keep this family in your prayers. I have no idea what is happening but it is serious!

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

10-Year-Old Blind Autistic Boy Sings "Open the Eyes of my Heart"

If you have not seen this, take 9 minutes and watch it. I cried like a baby while I watched this. I worked with a child that was severely autistic before I had Jackson. I think of him daily. He was non-verbal because his parents refused to feed him gluten and dairy free foods. I purchased those out of my own money to feed him at school. I had no idea I would have to buy them for Jackson down the road. My hear aches for that boy. His parents threw his life away and it haunts be so often. When I heard this little boy, the tears flowed. This little boy is a miracle and an angel on Earth. When I watch this it also makes me want to go back into the classroom. My passion is working with these kids that many claim as useless. One day, I will go back to my job. I love being home, but I look forward to going back to the second best job in the world. Pay stinks but it is so much more than that!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Every year, I look forward to finding that perfect holiday card to send to family and friends. Last year, many of the cards I received were from the company Tiny Prints. I fell in love with those photos. The quality was great. So, this year, I decided to give their website a peak. I am sold. They have so many options that I could chose 50 different ones that would be perfect. Go here to see what I mean. You will love them!

Here are a few of my favorites!

I love this one if I end up using snapshots from throughout the year. It is dated and has one big one and several little ones. Perfect for my little family!